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Marianne Helgstrand

Marianne’s interest in jewelry began in her childhood, where she often admired her grandmother’s brooch. Since then, Marianne has used exactly this brooch for both competitions and parties.

The brooch is a meaningful piece of jewelry for many female riders, which is why it is the foundation of Marianne’s jewelry design. A wish to create jewelry, which could be used for competitions as well as in daily or party outfits.

Marianne was inspired by the beautiful shapes she found in the horse equipment – the details from the bit, the rounded rings, the foam chain on the double bridle, the S-shaped hook on the chain, and so on.

Afterward, the jewelry was drawn and designed by Marianne and in co-operation with some of the best jewelers in Denmark. The jewelry is made from gold – white, red, or rosé with brilliants of the highest quality.

Later a silver and a gold-plated silver collection have been added, which addresses a wider audience. The jewelry design is elegant and timeless – whether it’s gold or silver, it’s a perfect fit for your daily outfit and parties.


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