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CVR number: 32076017

We process your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which aim is to protect privacy in Europe.

This privacy policy applies to all contact between the company and you, including:

  • Contact through social media
  • Contact via e-mail
  • Contact through the website
  • Purchase online

The use of images and video

We take pictures and videos for promotion purposes at events, that we host. Should you be on any of this material and wish it to be deleted, please feel free to contact us. Please also send a link to the image or video you wish to be deleted.

Cookies and pixels tracking

We use cookies and other identification technologies for web analysis and marketing. These cookies and pixel tags are stored locally on your computer, but they cannot contain virus or other malware. Below you can read some of the trackings we make when you visit our website.

  • Google: Google Analytics and Google Search Console deliver user statistics.
  • Facebook: In order to use targeted advertisement, social media data will be collected.
  • YouTube: Provides user statistics such as which videos you have watched and for how long.

How to delete cookies

Cookies are deleted automatically after a period of time, but they are renewed during each visit, if you agree to the use of them. You can completely block or delete cookies at any time.

Learn more about cookies and how to delte them –

Deletion of data

You always have the right to know what data stored on you and basically also the right to have it deleted. You are welcome to contact us, if you would like to know more.


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