Exclusive VIP event at Helgstrand Denmark

10 Oct 2016

The planning had been going on for a while and we had been looking forward to welcoming our first guests at Helgstrand Denmark’s first VIP event, which took place on Thursday, September 29, 2016.

The evening started off with a tour of Helgstrand Dressage, then some of the stable’s sales horses were presented with Andreas on the sideline. The showing of the horses ended by Severo, who proudly showed Lorenzo, on which he had an impressive 5th place at the Olympics in Rio.

After the showing of the horses the guests were invited to a delicious tapas, then Marianne showed her exclusive jewellery from the collection Matinees and Prima Donna.

Interested in participating in an exclusive VIP event

During the year Helgstrand Denmark will host a few VIP events, which you will have the opportunity to participate in. Are you interested in one of the exclusive places, you are welcome to contact Marianne at marianne@helgstranddenmark.dk, then you will get an email the next time we host one.

Originating from the dressage world

Marianne grew up with horses, and this is where she found inspiration for designing her jewellery. The jewellery collection is named after two very important horses – Matiné, on which Andreas won silver and bronze at the World Championships and Prima Donna, which has quite a special place in Marianne’s heart.

The jewellery is simple, and the wish was to create a timeless design that suits both equestrians, but also to everyday life and social occasions.

Are you interested to see and try the jewellery, then you are always welcome at Helgstrand Denmark in Vodskov, Aalborg.

Please contact Marianne on phone +45 21 41 61 06 or e-mail marianne@helgstranddenmark.dk.


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