Exclusive jewellery event in your store

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Helgstrand Denmark offers the exclusive opportunity to organize a VIP-event for your customers.

You have the opportunity to offer your customers a special evening and since our jewelry collection appeals to a wide audience, there’ll definitely be something of your costumer’s taste.

It may even be possible to pair the jewelry with your own jewelry, clothes, or other things in your store.


VIP event with jewelry
– when will it be

Together, we’ll set a date that fits you the best – an example could be a weeknight or Saturday afternoon after closing time.

We’ll bring the jewelry – and together we’ll give your customers a lovely experience.

The event can take place either in your own store, here at Helgstrand Dressage, or somewhere else.

The event is free of charge for you. Your customers will pay an admission fee, for example, 100 KR. Per person, which you’ll administrate on your own – for example for a small food arrangement, bubbles, coffee, cake, or whatever you see fit.


I provide the materials
– you invite

We’ll bring along a complete marketing package consisting of:

– Electronic invitation, which you can send to your customers on email
– Advertising on Facebook and Instagram
– Follow-up after the event with a “thank you for participating” email
We’ll also happily help you inviting if you’d like us to.


How to make your jewelry event a success.

In order to be able to create a successful VIP-event, it’s always a great idea to have your costumers visit our website before the event.

Your guests will have had the opportunity to assess whether our jewelry is in their liking, before accepting the invitation.

The unique aspect of our jewelry is, that the customer always can add their own variations and details, and thereby customize the jewelry – therefore, the selection online is only a guideline and not the complete selection.

We’ll contact you approximately 2 weeks before the event to make sure the last details are in place.


VIP event with Helgstrand Denmark
– how does it work

– We’ll arrive a couple of hours before the guests and set up our arrangement
– We’ll shortly present the story behind the jewelry
– The guests will have the light food arrangement (or other, of your own wish) while selecting their favorites amongst the jewelry
– We’ll be ready to give advice regarding opportunities and choices
– The guest will be able to buy the jewelry during the event or online on our website
– We’ll deliver directly to the customers’ address or through you


We look forward to hearing from you!

Marianne Helgstrand


Do you wish to book a VIP-event or have any questions? You’re always welcome to contact us on the following:

Tel.: +45 21 41 61 06 or
E-mail: marianne@helgstranddenmark.dk


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