Joining Helgstrand Denmark at Herning Horse Show

12 Mar 2018

Herning Horse Show and Stallion Show is undoubtedly one of the biggest horse events in Denmark and the tickets are torn away by horse enthusiasts both from Denmark and abroad. Especially the Hest & Rytter fair attracts many people and fortunately, this year I also had the pleasure of showing my designs.

This year I had a stand together with Epic Horse by Helgstrand, which is a unique horse equipment brand with ergonomic leather products. During the entire event, lots of people came by to view my designs and I loved, that I had the time to tell people my history and the idea behind my designs. Because every single detail in the jewellery is special to me.

The stallion show in Danish Warmblood is always a great experience. In addition to having the possibility to display my jewellery, I also had the pleasure of taking part in the competitions with Super Mario. Alexander and Adriano B. were also invited to take part in a clinic with the national pony, junior and young rider coach of Denmark, Dennis Fisker.

After returning from Herning, we are about to plan our upcoming open house on April 7, 2018 here at Helgstrand Dressage, where you exclusively can get a sneak peek of my new jewellery made of sterling silver and zircons.


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