Silver collection great success

06 Apr 2018


By several requests, I chose to design a collection of affordable jewellery. Inspired by my two series Matiné and Sitana, I was ready to show the new collection at our Open House at Helgstrand Dressage on April 7th, 2018.

Jewellery launch at Open House

Already from day one I experienced great interest and lot of people took the opportunity to take a sneak peek of my new collection at our open house.

Based on the magnificent feedback, I really looked forward to make the jewellery available for purchase on my webshop. Shortly after open house the new silver collection was online and I am incredibly proud, that the jewellery has got so positive feedback and therefore I am thinking of launching another silver collection in the end of 2018 only available as a limited edition like the first one.

The silver collection is inspired by my earlier series under the same name, made of massive 14 or 18K red, white or pink gold. The silver collection is made of sterling silver or gold-plated sterling silver combined with zircons.


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