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The Series

In the jewelry collection from Helgstrand Denmark – Prima Donna, Matiné, Lorenzo, Sitana, Adriano, and Fiontini, are all named after horses which have had great meaning for Marianne and her family. One of the newest additions, Cassidy, is made in co-operation with the professional national team rider, Cathrine Dufour, is marketed under the brand Dufour by Helgstrand Denmark. In 2010, Atterupsgaards Cassidy was sold from Helgstrand Dressage to Cathrine.

Prima Donna
Prima Donna was Marianne’s horse – a unique and beautiful mare, that today is used for breeding and has a special place in Marianne’s heart. Therefore, the beautiful heart embedded with the gemstones is recurring in this series. The Prima Donna jewelry is available in both a gold and a silver collection.

Among numerous victories and placing, Andreas Helgstrand and Matiné won the silver medal at the World Championships in Aachen. Although, they’re probably most known for their phenomenal performance at the World Championships in 2006, which has more than 19 million views on Youtube. The Matiné jewelry is available in both a gold and a silver collection.

The jewelry collection, Lorenzo, consists of elegant cufflinks for men. It is inspired by the horse, Lorenzo, who with his rider Severo Jurado Lopéz has numerous top-placings in competitions, including a 5th place at the Olympics in Rio in 2016. The Lorenzo series is available in the gold collection.

The Sitana collection, which includes bracelets, earrings, brooches, necklaces, and rings, was added in 2017. The horse, Sitana, was the first horse Marianne educated to the PSG-level on her own. She was a horse who always did the best she could for her rider. The Sitana jewelry is available in both a gold and a silver collection.

The Adriano series is a silver and gold-plated silver collection, inspired by Marianne and Andreas’ oldest son’s pony, Adriano. A pony with a big heart and huge potential, with whom Alexander accomplished great things. The pair has won numerous titles, but the biggest and greatest was when they won triple gold at the European Championship in 2019. The Adriano series is available in the silver collection.

The stirrup’s elegant lines and ease, which at the same time testifies balance and strength, is the exact 4 words used to describe the three times World Champion for young horses, Fiontini.
Elegant lines, ease, balance, and strength is the quintessence of dressage. The Fiontini series is available in the gold collection.

“I’m very superstitious, so I wished to create a “good luck charm”, which can help us remember the passion for the horses and riding and encourage us to follow our dreams.” Cathrine Dufour. The Cassidy series is available in a silver edition.


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